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Best Hunting GPS in 2019

For campers, hikers and mountaineers it is not difficult to get lost in the wild, woods or mountains. In fact, it is a usual occurrence and even professionals get to ask themselves “where are we” once in a while. In most cases and situations, individuals or groups who get lost in the wild get through these situations through the help of rescue teams. However, in some cases, it is not always a happy ending and sometimes weather could even aggravate the situation which adds to the cases of giving up and succumbing of these adventurers. Fortunately, technology has its way of contributing to solving and preventing these types of situations. One tool that was created for those who loves to go out in the wild is a hunting GPS. A hunting GPS, we could say is one of the most essential tools that one has to have whenever they go out to the wilderness especially for those who usually go out alone. This tool prevents daunting experiences and provides safety and with that said, we have gathered into a list the best hunting GPS which you could check out and choose from before you go out on an adventure.

1. Garmin Hunting GPS – Foretrex 401 Waterproof

Versatile, portable, comes in clear display, provides relevant important information and delivers timely accurate data- What more could you ask for that Garmin Hunting GPS- Foretrex 401 does not have? In addition to the mentioned advantages of having Foretrex 401 as your hunting GPS, this model and brand is actually very light and it is no problem bringing it everywhere. All you have to do is wear it on your wrist and you are good to go. Its wristband is made of heavy duty materials which ensures it will not survive and stay on your wrist for a very long time. Aside from that, this hunting GPS provides you information about the path you have taken so far and it also lets you save locations which makes it easier for you to retrace your steps.

The Foretrex is small in size but it is also effective and easy to use. It saves a lot of relevant data which works on AA batteries. This hunting GPS could definitely replace paper maps and it is a must to have for outdoor activities.


  • Works up to 17 hours from a single charge
  • Provides your current location in multiple formats
  • Tracks the route you have taken
  • Comes with altimeter and electronic compass
  • Affordable


  • The batteries drain fast

2. Hunting GPS Garmin GPSMAP 64s Worldwide

Similar to a mobile phone but a more useful tool in going out to the wilderness, Garmin’s GPSMAPA 64s comes with numerous topographical maps which covers almost the entire world. It also provides open access not only its GPS system but also GLONASS system. The device itself is lightweight and its display could be easily readable. It also has a quad helix antenna which makes its signal very reliable.

Though the GPSMAP 64s in not perfect, it is very impressive with its high quality topographic maps, clear coverage and its ability to find a clear signal even in dense forest. This hunting GPS is a very recommended tool for those who are concerned with safety and survival.


  • User friendly and comes with defined buttons.
  • It has amazing reception even in dense forests.
  • It comes with high quality map data- topography, road and even marine maps
  • Uses US based GPS and Russian GLONASS systems


  • Shorty battery life
  • The manual that this device comes with lacks in useful details.

3. Hunting GPS-Garmin Montana 680t

The Garmin Montana 680t comes with your more than average color touchscreen in terms of its size. This larger model is very impressive in terms of its ability to capture clear signals. As for its aesthetics, this model comes in rugged look. However, its looks do not define its high-tech functionality as the Montana 680t comes with the ability to take geotag photos and a function which could sync this device to your computer which makes it easier to track.


  • Includes an 8-megapixel camera
  • Automatically geotags pictures
  • Comes with one-year subscription to BirdsEye satellite which provides clear images of your surroundings.


  • Its software could be obsolete especially its 2005 app.
  • Its display is larger than most other hunting GPS units which could be difficult to read.
  • It is a bit more expensive compared to other models

4. Hunting GPS from Garmin Oregon 600, 3-inch Worldwide

Oregon 600 is considered as a useful survival kit by many hikers, rescue workers and hunters. It is very reliable and is linked to both GPS and GLONASS navigation. In addition to that, this hunting GPS includes a software which displays topo data in 2D and 3D. It also has a download satellite imagery which provides you a picture of your surroundings through its BirdsEye 1-year subscription.

This hunting GPS is very convenient as it is also very compact and dependable. It provides actionable data and information even in undesirable location or situation. You will definitely will not get lost with this tool as it comes with both American and Russian based location provider systems – GPS and GLONASS.


  • It could track your route and keep a record of the important waypoints for survival
  • Could backup the NiMH battery with AA batteries
  • Can be clipped to your tactical pants.


  • Its software needs to be tweaked once in awhile
  • 3” inch screen could be more visible if it is made larger

5. Hunting GPS by Garmin Oregon 650t

This hunting GPS is known for its geotagging ability. These geotagged pictures could provide your reliable reference points whenever you need to retrace your steps. In a regular hunting GPS device, you will be able to get and access coordinates but through Garmin Oregon 650t, you will be able to receive visual references which could be of great help especially to those who are more visually-inclined individuals. With that said, this model comes with an 8-megapixel built-in which you could depend on. It also includes an LED flashlight which is very convenient specially at night. It also uses both GPS and GLONASS which makes this device more precise, efficient and effective.


  • Comes with both US GPS and Russia’s GLONASS systems
  • Includes an 8- megapixel built-in camera with digital zoom
  • Uses Geotags
  • Has a built-in LED flashlight


  • – Short battery life.

6. Garmin Hunting GPS (ETrex 20x)

This basic hunting GPS device, Etrex 20x provides its users baseline information which will help you in unwanted and tough situations, spots and will assist you in navigating the wilderness. This model is an upgraded version of basic eTrex 20 model. It comes with higher resolution screen and has a higher memory. This hunting GPS is recommended for those who has developed a sense of direction and survival instincts.


  • Efficient and very dependable
  • Uses both GPS and GLONASS systems for more reliable information
  • Comes with additional maps


  • You will need to pay for additional maps
  • Comes with a single source of power- 2 AA batteries

7. Magellan Explorist 310

Magellan Explorist 310 is the most affordable hunting GPS device featured in this article. Though it is not in the same level of the top and best GPS devices, it is a perfect basic baseline device which could pull you out of a situation of getting lost in the wild. The device is simple but it does its job effectively at a very reasonable price.


  • Comes with advance power saving mode
  • Waterproof which protects your device from any liquid or water
  • SIRFStarlll GPS which is three times faster, it provides very accurate data
  • Most affordable


  • No backup battery capability

Buyers Guide and FAQs

When purchasing a hunting GPS device, questions usually arise and they are usually the following:

1. What is a hunting GPS?

A hunting GPS is a GPS handheld device which comes with maps and a tool to locate yourself wherever you are. It provides you information to be able to plot your destination of your choice. It allows you to record your route in case you are in a situation wherein you would need to retrace your steps. The device itself is small and could fit into your pocket and could be brought in the wilderness.

2. Why do you need a hunting GPS?

Now that we know what a hunting GPS is, the reason behind why you need to have one is basically mentioned already in its description of what a hunting GPS is. However, to expound it more, a GPS is a necessity especially for those who love to have adventures in the wild. It provides you a record of your route and sends you information regarding your trekking route home to your own PC as well. This way, your loved ones would know what is happening to you and would be able to send help in case of emergencies. It could also keep track where you are and assist you on which direction to take.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hunting GPS

Since GPS is a necessity in hunting, trekking, hiking and for those who love to take an adventure in the wilderness, it is important that before purchasing one is you need to have an idea what factors you would need to consider when choosing your hunting GPS. Here is a consolidated list of things that you would need to consider.

  1. Data Sources – There are a few devices that provides data which came from a single source. This could be either the US GPS system or the Russian satellite GLONASS. Ideally, if you would go out of reach, you would want a device which come with both as you might encounter a dead spot and it would be better if one system goes down, you have another reliable source.
  2. Usability – Hunting GPS devices usually boast and are proud of their functions and features. They are usually visible and includes understandable buttons. Others on the other hand come with on-screen menus. We highly recommend huge clear buttons. However, on-screen menus are also fine.
  3. Display Size and Quality – A hunting GPS is useless if you cannot see nor read the information it provides. Generally larger screen and higher resolution are better. We also recommend to check if your device comes with a backlit which could be useful during night-time.
  4. Number of topographic maps – though the number of maps is important, it is also essential that these maps are high quality and are accurate.
  5. Power source – this is one of the most important factors as since there is no way to charge nor there is a source of power in the wilderness. Hence, it is important that you have a very reliable source of power. There are some models that works on AA batteries and some come in rechargeable batteries. We highly recommend a device which allows both.
  6. Accessories– Some hunting GPS come with a year subscription of BirdsEye satellite image database. This allows its users to see their location through the ability to see their surroundings. These accessories could be helpful in terms of locating and following your route. There are even some devices that come with flashlights which could be very useful during the night.
  7. Price – this is another very important factor. You will have to check if your budget could accommodate something that is a bit expensive or you are good with a basic one.


A hunting GPS is a necessary and invaluable tool for those who love to go out on an adventure out in the wilderness. They provide useful information and could help you out there. It is a tool which could save you from the troubles of getting lost. It is also a tool which is helpful for rescue teams. We hope that through the information above, we were able to help you in choosing the right and suitable hunting GPS for you.

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