Best Skinning Knives

There are different kinds of knives- kitchen knives, Sporting knives, Butcher knives, Pocket knives, etc. and each and every type has its unique importance, use and function. However, this article will focus only on one type – which is the skinning knife or more commonly known as skinner knife.

What is a Skinning Knife?

A skinner knife is a powerful necessity tool for hunters as it is generally used to separate the hide of an animal from its meat.

Though a skinner knife is usually wide and comes with short blade and strong edge, there are different types and models one could choose from depending one’s need.

Types of Skinner Knives

  • Folding Knife – A folding skinner knife is usually used by hunters who want to keep their knives small. Some of folding knives offer changeable blades.
  • Fixed-blade Knife– this is the most popular type of a skinner knife and Its blade shape makes it different from other hunting knives.
  • Gut hooks – have hook like part that is used to skinning and opening an animal’s abdomen without having to slice through its organs. It could also be used as a normal or traditional skinner knife.

Things One Should Consider When Choosing a Skinner Knife:

  • Type of skinning depending on use – Will you need it to skin a rabbit or a deer?
  • Comfortable grip – ensure that your knife will not slip from your hand or you have control when you hold your knife.
  • Trusted Brand – though it might be more expensive but you could be sure that their product is high quality made.

Best Skinning Knives

1. Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife

A popular brand in the US, Buck Knives created the 113 Ranger Skinner which is a model that has the traditional feel, design, comfortable handle and sharp edge. It has a 3-1/8” drop point blade and is made of 420HC wooden steel handle. This model also comes with a sheath that you could place your knife in and attach it to your belt when you are hunting.

2. Piranta Edge Z Skinning Knife

Made by Havalon, the Piranta Edge Z Skinning Knife is far away from the traditional feel of a skinning knife. Instead of wooden handle, this model sports a plastic handle and has interchangeable blades. The interchangeable blades were created so one would not need to keep sharpening the knife’s blade whenever it gets dull.

3. Outdoor Edge Swingblade SB-10N Skinning/Gutting Knife

Outdoor Edge Swingblade SB-10N has a rotating blade that could be used for skinning and gutting. It transforms depending on which function you would need through its lock button. Its handle is made of rubber that would ensure your grip will not slip and its blade is made of high quality sharp AUS-8 steel that would give you high quality skinning experience.

4. Meyerco Mossberg MO2PCBN 2-Piece Set

The MO2PCBN 2 Piece Set comes with a skinning knife with gut hook and a caping knife. This piece set comes with a leather sheath that could perfectly be attached to you belt.

Both knives are made of steel blades and polished bone handles. The handles are perfectly made for small hands so if you have huge hands, this pair of knives might not be a great suggestion for you.

5. CRKT K700KXP Ken Onion Skinner

K700KXP is created with K110 high quality steel. Its blade has a razor sharped edge and has a double curved handle that makes this knife easier to grip. As for its weight, it is light as a feather with its 3.7oz weight.

6. Benchmade 15001-2 Saddle Mountain

This model comes with a traditional shape of a skinner knife. It has a fixed 4.17inch razor blade. Its blade is made of CPM-S30V premium steel while Its handle is made of dymonwood and comes with a leather sheath.

7. Buck Knives 113 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives’ 0103 skinner is designed with a fixed blade that is made of 420HC steel with 4 inches in lenght. This type of steel could resist corrosion. As for its handle, it is made of Cocobola Dymonwood and brad pommel guard or another version handle – its Phenolic handle.

This model also comes with leather sheath and a lifetime warranty.

8. Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker #3

If cost is not an issue with you, this model is perfect for you. Not only it is a skinning knife but also an all-around survival hunting knife.

It is made of 5.5 inch ATS-34 high grade steel blade and has a black coating wide and a saw back. As for its handle, it is made of Micarta. It also comes with a black sheath and a survival whistle. This knife is definitely an investment for those who are into hunting.

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