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Survival means everything for humanity and throughout our history, we have come up with tools designed to ensure that we can continue on this planet. Of course, over time the tools have become more sophisticated and they are not focused only on keeping us alive, but also on making our lives better. However, there is an issue with traditional hand tools and that is that they tend to be heavy, and difficult to carry. In addition, they are not exactly long-lasting, in fact they can get worn-out quickly. The good news is that thanks to modern technology, there have been improvements such as survival multi-tools that are more durable and easier to handle. 
Multi-tool devices work as complete toolboxes that you can bring with you on the go without hassle. This make multi-tool devices very practical solutions that should be part of any survival kit.  Multi-tool devices are lightweight, portable and come handy in many different situations, including survival. The thing is that there are so many options available that choosing one can be a challenging task. But fear not, here we will help you to narrow down the selection so that you can find the right one for your needs. Before we go through the list of the best devices you can consider, let’s start by talking about the different types of multi-tools.   

Types of Multi-tools 

One thing we need to mention to start is that multi-tools are very convenient and versatile, but they are not as effective as dedicated tools that are designed for specific purposes. For instance, a multi-tool saw blade is not as good as an electric saw, although the first one is definitely easier to carry. A multi-tool is great for a fast solution and they can be helpful when it comes to minor issues. However, they can’t replace a traditional set of tools. In spite of that, having a multi-tool device is recommended since it can be decisive in survival situations when it is not possible to access a dedicated tool. Before getting a multi-tool, you need to consider the different styles available to choose the best one for you. Here are the three types you will find:

Swiss Army Knives

These classic folding knives have been around for quite a long time and they are still very popular. Originally, they included a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a knife blade and a reamer, but now they come with many more tools. Bear in mind that genuine Swiss Army Knives are only made by Victorinox and Wagner. 

Folding multi-tools

Folding multi-tools are more robust than traditional Swiss-Army knives and they come with a pair of pliers. Since they have two handles for tool storage, they have more space for tools. 

Survival Business Cards

These are simple multi-tools that fit several convenient survival gadgets in a small piece of metal that in most cases, has the same size of a business card as the name suggests. You can easily bring it with you since you can put it in your wallet, backpack, or place it on a key chain. These devices are affordable, long lasting and lightweight. They usually feature wrench sockets, can openers, saw blades, bottle openers and wrench sockets only to mention a few. 

Advantages of multi-task tools

They are highly convenient since they allow you to have multiple tools in one device. To make the most of them, it is important to ensure that they are lightweight and portable.  You should also think about the tools that are included. There are general use tools, as well as specialized multi-tools that focus on a specific task. You can find fishing multi-tools, snowboarding multi-tools, golf multi-tools and mountain biking multi-tools. So in the end, you just have to consider your needs and what you want to use the multi-tool for. Keep in mind that if you want a tool that can be used in survival situations, you need a versatile solution that includes essentials like knives, saws, can openers and pliers. Below, you will find a list of the best survival multi-tools that you can find.

Leatherman Charge ALX Multi Tool 

Leatherman Charge ALX Multi ToolThis multi-tool is bi-fold and it features a fantastic leather case. It includes wire-cutters, crimper, saw, cutting hook, can opener, regular pliers, needle nose pliers, bottle opener, file, can opener, ruler, cutting hook, 420HC serrated knife and much more. This product from Leatherman also has an all-locking feature that ensures that all tools are in place while it is folded away, preventing tools from opening up while you are using other ones.  

Victorinox Swiss Tool X 

Victorinox is one of the most reliable names in the market and this stainless steel bi-fold multi-tool features wire stripper, pliers, a bender, a scraper, a cutter, bottle/can openers, scredrivers and more. 

Victorinox Swiss Army Work Champ Pocket Knife

This is a multi-tool option with classic design and over 30 functions including a large blade, scissors, corkscrew, a large screwdriver and pliers. The Swiss Army pocket knife is made of stainless steel and it will last for ages. In fact, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can choose between six different colors. 

RumbaDock 14-in-1 Credit Card Multi-tool

The RumbaDock credit card multi-tool is one of the most practical survival tools that you can get. It features over a dozen tools and it is also very affordable. Although it doesn’t have pliers, the fact that you can fit it easily in a wallet will be greatly appreciated by many. 

Leatherman SuperTool 300 

This impressive multi-tool device comes with 19 options such as saw, electrical crimper, ruler, can opener, awl with thread loop, bottle opener, needlenose pliers, serrated knife, file, serrated knife, Phillips screwdriver and 420HC knife. It has a stylish design and it is made of black stainless steel. It comes with a lanyard loop to ensure that you can carry it with you without problems. 

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Lightweight and reliable, this solution from Gerber comes with 12 tools and it features open frame stainless steel grip. The long lasting blades and tools can be useful in many cases. The device includes a fitted nylon carrying case. There is also a system that locks tools, while you are using another ones. 

The 12 In 1 Trademate Multi Tool

This stainless steel multi-tool device stands out from other options available. It is compact and very convenient. It comes with 12 tools and it is compact and sturdy. The 12 In 1 Trademate is one of the best survival tools out there. You can easily carry it with you on the go. While it is more expensive than other tools mentioned in the list, it is worth considering thanks to everything that it offers. 

SOG PowerAssist Multi Tool S66N-CP 

Made of stainless steel, this practical multi-tool includes 16 tools and it features SOG’s patented compound leverage. This means that it offers double the grip and better cutting power. It has easy single handed access to blades and tools. 

Leatherman Black MUT Multitool 

Although it is more expensive than other options available, this multi-tool from Leatherman is one of the best options that you can get. The tool comes with several functions that will help you in survival situations. It includes 16 tools such as hammer, saw, large bit driver, bottle opener, combo knife, electrical crimper and bolt override tool. It is a comprehensive solution that also features a storage compartment in the handle, as well as a leather holster. 

Where can you store a survival multi-tool 

You can store your multi-tool in your pocket. There are some tools that include a fitted holster that can be attached to your belt, in other cases, you need to get your own case. There are many multi-tool holsters available online that lets you keep your survival device on the go. You may also want to consider having different multi-tool devices and keep them in different places. You can place one into the glovebox of your car and in the case of small business cards, you can carry one in a keychain in some cases. It is also advisable to keep a small multi-tool in a survival medical kit. 

Brief history of the survival multi-tools 

Multi-tools are not a new thing, in fact, the first known folding, multi use tool is traced back to 200 AD and it was originally designed for eating. Essentially, it was a fork and a spoon on a hinge, but it open the road for innovation and convenience. Then in the XIX century, more specifically, in 1883, the first Swiss Army Knife was made and in 1884, Victorinox started as a cutler’s knife workshop. In 1886, it became the world’s leading folding tool manufacturer. The main competitor of Victorinox, Leatherman, was created in the 1980’s by Tim Leatherman, a mechanical engineer who introduced the multi-tool concept. Nowadays, pretty much every company makes a multi-tool that is a multi-function pocket knife or a techy bi-fold. It is possible to find many options available and different combinations, shapes, weight, colors and more. 


The main advantages of multi-tools are convenience and portability. They are ideal for survival scenarios thanks to their versatility, durability and support for multiple functions. Getting a high quality survival multi-tool is highly recommended. In fact, it is a good idea to have more than one and keep them in different places so that you always have them what you need available. If you choose to carry one always with you, make sure that it is one that offers several functions and high quality. Although multi-tools can’t replace dedicated tools, they help you to take care of basic tasks and are easy to carry when you are on the go. A multi-tool is a must-have for any survivalist. 

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